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Barrier Island Beach Weddings

About Us

Our Story

Photo of Julia and Anton Dumars

Julia and Anton Dumars – A Sea Ceremony Founders

“We first met on Labor Day. From our first conversation, we learned of our shared reverence and respect for Mother Ocean. By New Years we were engaged. By June, we stood on Morris Island, surrounded by friends, sharing our vows. To marry on Morris Island required planning and acceptance in what nature gave us that glorious day. Our wedding still evokes tears of joy. We came to realize that our unique wedding experience needed to be shared with others and so we founded A SEA CEREMONY.”

The Ceremony

Imagine boarding a boat and being transported to a world away from the ordinary. Unlike a traditional indoor wedding, a barrier island wedding puts you directly in union with Mother Nature, offering a glorious setting by the sand and sea.

The Details

Anton and Julia will help you prepare for and bask in your private island ceremony.

After 30-plus years of experience as a US Coast Guard Master Captain, Anton knows his way around the water. He is a coastal geologist and understands the ebb and flow of the coastal environment. Anton knows the most scenic routes and how to get you safely to your island destination.

Photo of A Sea Ceremony

Anton officiating and checking GPS wave point for A Sea Ceremony

Julia is a photographer specializing in beach weddings. After years of experience, she knows how to capture those special moments of love and romance that will create a lifetime of memories.

The time of day and stage of the tide play into planning a barrier island wedding. Early morning and late afternoon offer the very best photographic lighting. Rain is less likely to occur in the morning during the summer and it can be cooler. Late afternoon can bring an afternoon shower. Julia and Anton chose to marry in the late afternoon and the showers that soaked them at the end of the ceremony are among their most cherished memories.

The coastal islands, by nature, are always in a state of flux – so barrier island ceremonies take place in a unique spot on the island. Because of this a GPS is used to fix your ceremony position in latitude and longitude. As part of A SEA CEREMONY you will receive a personalized certificate of your specific location.

Photo of vessels used for A Sea Ceremony's sand ceremony

Choose to add a sacred sand ceremony to honor your special day by the sea

In addition to your vows you can choose a special ceremony to honor your island wedding, the Sand Ceremony. A bride and groom pour different colored sand from two separate vessels into a single wedding vessel, thus serving as a metaphor of joining of two lives into one. Here in South Carolina, quartz sand and ilmenite sand work beautifully, creating a truly native marriage mixture.