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Cloudy Kayaking



We love kayaking all the time, but there’s something special about finding your way onto the water on windy, overcast (what most people would call gross!) days.  This morning we had the river to ourselves and quickly found our way to the protected, glassy water side of the river.  A trip of dolphins including one calf greeted us as we turned towards the mudflats to look for birds.  The birds did not disappoint with oystercatchers, willets, cormorants, gulls, a a few other shorebirds chasing dinner on the flats before the tide came in and took the feast away.  The oysters didn’t seem too interested in our presence either way.



On the way home we took the narrow tidal creeks through the marsh and the dark low hanging clouds made for picture perfect scenery.  There’s a few more weeks of long sleeve kayaking weather left (seriously it’s our favorite time to kayak) before the heat of summer sets in with all its fiery glory.  See you on the water!