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Boating 101

A class for women by women!

We are excited to offer a class all about boating – for women!

Have you ever:

  • Had the engine sputter out and left you stranded, running low on water and snacks? (or margs,  we get it!)
  • Thought it would be great to jump in the drivers seat
  • Been hesitant to help when launching the boat
  • wanted to grow more confident in boating in general to go out solo or with the kiddos?

Maybe you aren’t looking for new skills (because let’s face it, sometimes is AWESOME to have someone else do the planning/driving etc and be along for the ride!) but want to enjoy time on the water with other outdoors loving ladies.

If any of the above resonate, this is the perfect class for you!

Summer session 2024: June 4 – July 30

Fall session 2024: Aug 27 – Nov 5

5:30 – 6:30 PM    |    Tuesdays    |    Choose the topics that interest you or join for the full session!

*Discount available for booking 4+ classes.  Please call


  • Knots 6/4- Learn a few of the most commonly used knots on boats. Need to readjust a fender? Tie up to the dock? Make a bridle out of spare line for the tube? We’ve got you covered!


  • Trip planning 6/11- A successful boat trips starts was before you hit the water.  Today we learn the basics of tides and currents and how to use this knowledge to your advantage when deciding where and when to launch.  Our weather is notorious for last minute changes, so we will discuss this as well.


  • Trailering and boat launching 6/25- Some days it seems like half the boats at the ramp are accompanied by frustrated, confused, or annoyed people!  Simple communication, knowing what to expect, and a heave dose of patience can eliminate most issues when it comes to getting boats in and out of the water.


  • Basic Maintenance 7/2- We’ve all been there: cruising down a creek, enjoying a picture perfect day when disaster strikes and the engine cuts out.  Fortunately most issues are simple fixes.  Today we go over some of the most common reasons for a breakdown and how to get back up and running. Say goodbye to that Sea Tow membership! (Maybe don’t go quite that far, but you know what we mean.)


  • Safety on the Water 7/16- A big part of safety is having a basic understanding of all of the above, especially know where not to go, what to do in case of an emergency, and what types of safety equipment to keep on board. We will discuss some common boating mistakes, logistics of what do to for minor injuries, and how to handle a serious emergency. **Please note, this session is not intended to be a first aid class and that is not the focus of the day.  We strongly recommend taking a Red Cross first aid/CPR class, especially if you plan to boat in more remote areas**


  • On the water 7/30- Today will cover a wide variety of topics including navigation on the water, how to anchor, how to be an environmentally conscious boater, and general boating etiquette


**These classes are intended to be a well rounded intro to boating.  If you have a group and would live a private class, please reach out and we will be happy to arrange for the topic of your choosing!  We can also do a half day crash course spanning multiple topics.  We love creating the perfect custom event for groups!**

Time and Cost?

Each session will last ~1hr, although some days may be longer.  

Starting at $25/class

Due to our current schedule this class will be offered on Tuesday evenings.  If you are interesting in joining but that day doesn’t work for you, please let us know a better time.  We will take it into consideration with scheduling more dates!

Please direct questions to

Payment is required up front and can be done via credit card, venmo, or cash if you live locally!

These classes will be led by Captain Weatherly with hopefully a few guest instructors. Capt. Weatherly grew up on James Island and has been driving boats since she was old enough to see over the steering wheel.  She got a SCDNR boat license at the age of 12, took off into the wild on a 13′ Boston Whaler (before the days of cell phones, gasp!), and hasn’t turned back since.  She has worked into the ecotour industry since 2015 and has spent countless hours in the estuaries of Charleston and surrounding areas. During this time she’s operated everything from that whaler to kayaks to a 42′ catamaran. She has made several blue water crossings via sailboat to the Bahamas and US Virgin Islands and gets as sea sick as the next person! She currently holds a USCG 50 ton Masters license with a sailing endorsement.

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