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Morris Island Beach Drop

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: ~4 hours – or however long you want

User Guests: 7-person / $420 minimum. $60/person after.  Please call for quotes of over 12 people.

**Subject to Tour availability**

*We get it, Morris Island is awesome. There’s way more to see than we can access on a two-hr trip, so for the more adventurous we’ll take you to the island, maroon you there for a time period of your choosing, and come rescue you later in the day.*

Walk down the beach and see the cliffs carved out of the the old sand dunes and try your luck at sharks tooth hunting towards the northern end of the island. For the truly adventurous we’ll drop you off on the north end (by Ft. Sumter) and you can walk to the lighthouse end!

Because of scheduling this trip is not usually available to book online and is highly subject to boat and captain availability. There is a min. time allotment of 4 hours (i.e. we take you to the island and pick you up at 11:30 or noon). We do our best to accommodate your needs, but keep in mind on busy days this option may not always be available.

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